Mary Sammons
Hypnosis Delivers
Hypnosis Delivers
Mary Sammons
Hypnosis Delivers
Mary Sammons
National Certified Hypnotist
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Telephone Sessions

Many of my client from across the United States enjoy their highly efficient, private sessions in the comfort of their homes and/or offices.

These unique telephone sessions are scheduled just like a session that would be held in my office. The only difference client is in their home or office.

Just before the session time my client get prepared by:

  1. My client gets comfortable in a recliner, bed or in their office chair
  2. They plug a set of head phones into the cell phone
  3. Call me...and we begin!

BENEFITS of this service:

  1. Time traveling for my client
  2. interruption of day
  3. Affordable...fees are the same as office sessions

Fee schedule:

Single session $125
3 prepaid session $255 (this fee will include Smoking/Tobacco Cessation)
please see full fee details on the website.