Mary Sammons
Hypnosis Delivers
Hypnosis Delivers
Mary Sammons
Hypnosis Delivers
Mary Sammons
National Certified Hypnotist
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How Hypnosis Will Help You

Health Benefits

Stop Smoking:
Have better health more energy and save money.
Lose Weight:
Hypnosis super charges your desire to achieve your healthy body weight.
Reduce Stress:
Confidence that you can positively handle all that life throws at you, the GOOD, the BAD and the UGLY.
Pain Management:
Drug free pain management through hypnosis is possible for any type of pain, headaches, muscle spasms, even tattoos.
Natural Childbirth:
Have a healthy drug free child birth as well as a comfortable and relaxed pregnancy.

Mental Benefits

Concentration & Focus:
With increased concentration and focus you can become great at whatever you want to do.
Confidence Level:
Feel great about who you are and where your headed.
Overcome Fear & Anxiety:
Overcome those fears and anxieties that keep you from all that life has to offer!
Improve Memory & Study Habits:
Achieve academic goals without stress, anxiety, and frustration by creating new positive habits.

Relationship Benefits

Love & Sex:
Increase your libido and improve on your intimate relationships.
Life is easier and more productive with clear, comfortable communication skills.
Emotional Stability:
Enhance your family relationships with easily expressed love, patience, and understanding.

Financial Benefits

Spending Habits:
Get your spending and saving habits under control... Make your money work for you.
Improved Work Habits:
Enjoy networking, negotiating, and fearless prospecting.