Mary Sammons
Hypnosis Delivers
Hypnosis Delivers
Mary Sammons
Hypnosis Delivers
Mary Sammons
National Certified Hypnotist
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How Hypnosis Works

Abundance [uh-buhn-duh ns]
- an extremely plentiful or oversufficient quantity

My role as your hypnotist is to guide you into deep relaxation where you can "tap into" your subconscious and make the TRUE changes that you DESIRE and DESERVE. The subconscious is where ALL your emotions, habits, expectations, and long term memories reside.

HYPNOSIS allows you to access your SUBCONSCIOUS and free yourself from any past thoughts or actions that you are NO LONGER satisfied with. Your mind is very powerful and capable of sharpening focus, determination, concentration, as well as being capable of reducing stress and anxiety.

Your role as the client is to arrive with a POSITIVE ATTITUDE. Remember, it's YOUR subconscious, I can't change it for you.

1. Really want what you are coming in for.
2. Be excited about your desired positive changes.
3. KNOW that YOU will change NOW that you have the power.

100% effort... Are you ready to give 100% of your effort to reach your desired goals? If YES is your answer, then we will work as a team. I will give 100% and if you give 100% NOTHING can stand in the way of your success!