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Weight Loss

Stella M. - Michigan
Hypnosis has super charged my weight loss! I have lost 25 lbs in just 6 weeks and I feel great! The hypnosis has eliminated all the stress and worry that I used to have about "dieting". I no longer "diet", I now have a wonderful relationship with my body and my appetite!

Amber E. - Michigan
I was already on a "diet" when I decided to explore the benefits of hypnosis and what I found is great! I find that I am much, much calmer and and all the issues around loosing weight just doesn't seem to be such a BIG DEAL! I am also being very committed to my activities and exercise...which is a nice change for me. I have released 11 pounds so far and I am steadily meeting my healthy weight goal.

Carla D. - Michigan
Hypnosis has allowed me really embrace the life style change that is needed for me to meet my ideal weight. I look at food differently now. Food is now for nutrition and not entertainment or comfort. What a freedom and a joy to have control over my eating habits. I have lost 10-12 lbs and feel strong and dedicated to the new, lighter ME!

Ellen - Wisconsin
Weight loss was the focus when Mary came and did a Hypnosis Party for myself and 5 of my friends and family. The whole experience was great...the education, the hypnosis, the support and the wonderful benefits that I realized. The hypnosis party was very affordable for everyone, very effective and very fun. I have lose 10 lbs and feel excited about my future with RELEASING weight, being healthy and happy.

Stella M. - Michigan
Before Mary hypnotized me in early July, 2010, I was very disappointed in my weight. I had allowed the pounds to climb back onto my body, my attitude and energy level was very low....not a comfortable place to be. After hypnosis, my energy and my positive attitude is just soaring! I love how relaxed I am when I am feels very calm, safe and I am amazed with the results.

M.J. - Michigan
I am 56 years old and through the years, I have read a little about the benefits of hypnosis but never really thought about using it for myself. As the years are tick by....and my body is beginning to change...I found my focus, energy, dedication to really take care of myself, I found my interest dropping. Through hypnosis I have reconnected to my desire to AGE gracefully and to really take care of myself so I can enjoy every aspect of my life. My energy is back and I really enjoy the positive attitude that I can carry through out my day.

Fred G.- Michigan
Hello Marry,
Thank you Marry for your support. I am very amazed at how this program has worked for me and I am willing to share about the benefits I got from my hypnosis session with friends and people around me. I lost 10 pounds in one month! It has been 10 years of trying anything with no results. I am very happy with this hypnosis program because I agreed to accept It and embrace the program. I know that our mind is very powerful and we are not aware of it completely. I wanted a change in my life and to have a healthy life style. As a result of using hypnosis sessions, I am in good health with lots of energy. Marry is a wonderful lady and I would recommend her highly. Her program worked for me. Ask yourself one question, is it worth it for me to try this program? Thank you.

Removing Fear & Anxiety, Increasing Memory, Reading Comprehension, & Study Habits

Lisa E. - Michigan
Public Speaking was my fear! Mary hypnotized me and I really enjoyed the relaxing experience. Sense that session in June, I have found that I am much more comfortable when communicating with people that I do not know. The hypnosis allowed me to let go of the fear and the anxiety. Hypnosis has helped me out with job interviews and speaking with people that I do not know.

Lisa E. - Michigan
I am using hypnosis to help me with my college study habits and memory improvement...I feel confident, with my new skills I will complete my college in record time and with a high grades. I have a lot of great energy about my studies and enjoy the challenge!

Jeff S. - Michigan
Hypnosis helped my through my college experience. I know I could do the class work, I was just having a lot of anxiety around testing and homework deadlines. The anxiety was really making it hard on me. After one session of hypnosis I felt very relieved from the stress and anxiety and ready to accomplish my goals.

Amber E. - Michigan
College was exciting and challenging all at the same time. Hypnosis helped me with study habits and memory which really helped me out. I recommend hypnosis for any student who wants to do their very best!

Stress Management

M. C. - Michigan
Stress was a biggy for me. I work in a high pressure career with very serious situations all of the time. Mary hypnotized me so I could just enjoy smiling more....Through hypnosis I am able to lighten up and enjoy myself more...even with my stressful career!

Improving Family Relationships & Communication Skills

Stella M. - Michigan
Family relationships can be very frustrating! Mary helped me find help within myself through hypnosis! I now have more love, patience and understanding for my friends and family. I feel wonderful that I now have a choice to have a positive attitude even when others are not "playing nice". Every day I am amazed with the change inside of me!

Pain Management

Mary J. - Michigan
Pain free tattoo! I had my eye brows enhanced with permanent make-up tattooing. Hypnosis made my experience pain free and stress free! I also received the positive suggestions of NO redness, NO bleeding, NO scabbing...amazing all suggestions were realized and I have fantastic results.

Stella D. - Michigan
YES, another testimony from me. I am so excited to have found the benefits of hypnosis! Mary taught me, through hypnosis, how to eliminate migraine headaches! Learning this special technique to stop any "potential" head aches has given me peace of mind. Peace of mind that I no longer have to suffer from miserable headaches! What a freedom...

Stop Smoking

Julie H. - Michigan
I ran the Crim last Saturaday, (57 minute 8k race), CAN"T do that as a smoker... can'ya?